Singularis Advisors – Independent Boutique Advisory for Investors and Investment Managers. Our areas of expertise include: Emerging & Frontier Markets, Sustainability Investment and European Markets. We are the bridge between capital and those who raise it.

Our areas of expertise:

Providing an in-depth look at innovative and high-yielding investment strategies for sophisticated investors

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  • Executive Investment Days & Meetings

    Singularis Advisors has, through extensive research and partnership with leading industry players, created a platform for Investors to help them make informed investment decisions and for Investment Managers to find the right Investors. Singularis Advisors can demonstrate what due diligence is needed for different markets with respect to various key areas of investment. The foundation […]

  • Emerging & Frontier Market Investments

    Emerging and frontier markets both offer the prospect of higher returns with higher risk, but the former market is more stable and developed than the latter. The economies of emerging market countries have achieved a rudimentary level of development, while frontier markets represent the least economically developed nations in the global marketplace. However, this lack […]

  • Sustainable Investments

    Sustainable investing is an investment strategy that recognizes and rewards companies and projects that are moving society towards long-term sustainability. The focus of these investment solutions lies on investments in those companies addressing environmental and social issues. It has been proven that the companies that pay attention to these matters are better managed than those […]

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